Friday, February 26, 2010

*Music* Where on the Internet is Fresh Picked Fabrics?

There's a website called where you can search to find where you show up on the internet (you can make it only look on blogs, or only websites, etc), and so we searched and we found a few!  (as you're waiting for the hits to come up it says "Searching content from across the universe."  How fun!)

The first one is here on which is a blog by a woman who is sooooo diverse but seems to like all of the important things: sewing, her family, and chocolate (she's has a chocolate blog where she reviews different kinds of chocolate...why didn't each of us think of that sooner--and excuse to eat chocolate?!)  She also sells wonderful wool bags here (and in the picture to the right) that you should go look at!  Her post on us was that her daughter sewed her first quilt using one of our quilt patterns! 

The next one is here at, and there are some great pictures of us there!  Curby's Closet is a woman who makes beautiful baby clothes.  She sells both her clothes (the pink dress to the left is an example) and the patterns!  She has a great blog and a very successful Etsy site!  Take a look!

Another one is here at who wrote about the fantastic amount of trim she bought at our shop (the picture to the right was taken by her).  She has a fabric obsession (that we very much support) and the post is about all the great things she got at lots of different wonderful quilt/fabric shops.

Another one is here at who posted about the Holiday Shop Hop she attended a few months back that included us!  She loves quilting and creating her own patterns.  She also does lectures and classes called Making a Difference Through Quilting--what a cool idea!  You can get that information here if you're interested.  The picture to the left is her logo--what a great play on her name, Robin!

There's also one just recently here at as their shop of the weekend!  She has an Etsy shop that sells women's clothing, handbags (example to the right), and slippers so if you're looking for something like that, stop by!  She had a post a little while back that mentioned creative clutches that are coming up soon so visit often to make sure you see those!

The last one we're going to write about now (but not that last one we found--maybe yours will be next!) is here at where she talks about when Gina visited her shop!  The post is called "Celebrity Sighting."  They're a wonderful fabric shop in South Jordan that is jam packed with very pretty fabric, and they always seem to be having events so if you're in the Salt Lake City, Utah area--make sure to stop by!


Gina said...

What Fun! The best part about being in the quilting business is meeting all of the talented and creative people.
I love designing quilting patterns---but most love to see what people do with them. We have Curby's Closet's newest baby booty pattern at the shop now and a little demo board that shows you exactly how easy they are to make. Happy Stitching!

the Material Girls Quilts said...

Thanks for the shout out you guys, someday I'll be by your shop!!