Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet,Twitter!

We are now on Twitter! Our Twitter name is FreshPickedFab--because we are FAB! We're going to start telling people when an email comes out by Twitter, and we're also going to have regular updates on who stops in the store! We're on our way to having a Foursquare account (where you link to where you're located, like our shop, and see who else has said they're at the same place at the same time!)& a special Facebook account just for the shop (we'll be doing something special for people who Friend us!)! Look for that upcoming excitement!

1 comment:

mascanlon said...

Hmmm I do have a twitter account but I have to figure out how to use it on my phone, its not nearly as much fun unless its real time! PS My chair looks fabulous in my aqua sewing room!